3:16 Production is a black light puppet ministry directed by Denise Edwards. The team uses a portable stage, colorful puppets—some of which are life-sized,—props, and black lights. Most skits are set to upbeat Christian music although there are some spoken skits and narration. The team can travel to your event, or you may bring your group to us. This year, we strongly encourage you to bring your group to us at the Barry Vandivier Center, 176 Bruner’s Chapel Road. Our group can currently perform programs 45-60 minutes in length. If you are interested in having the team perform at your church event (revivals, youth and children’s events, VBS, or any special event for adults or children) or if you would like to come to our venue, please contact Denise at (859) 613-3481.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answer

How much do you charge?

We come for a love offering or donation. All monies received go back into the ministry to buy and maintain puppets and equipment, buy supplies (such as fluorescent tape, poster board, etc.) buy brochures/business cards, and to buy food or other items for community outreach events that 3:16 Production sponsors at our church. We are volunteers who pay for our own travel expenses.

How far do you travel?

We generally travel within an hour of Mercer County.

What space requirements do you have for performing?

Our stage is huge and our puppets include life-sized ones that are controlled by two people, so we require a lot of space. In general, we need a 30 X 30-foot space, and our stage is nine feet tall.

What else does the performance space require?

We can only perform in a completely dark space due to the use of black lights. Windows can be covered with THICK trash bags and painter’s tape. The venue is responsible for having these preparations in place.

What audio equipment is needed?

We can provide our own audio equipment, but if you have speakers, a microphone, and a sound board that you would allow us to use, it is easier for us.

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